Cecilia Book Nikolovski – this is who I amcc3 and I work under the name CCillustrator

I was born 31 years ago in the small town Katrineholm in Södermanland, Sweden. I grew up on the countryside with the deep forest as next-door neighbor and playground. Horses and stable life has been a big part of my life. Ballerina, Mr Herbie, Golden Star, Pikona, Mr Finn, Seamus and many many more has been my great companions over the years. Another big passion in my life has always been drawing, painting and illustrations. I have a great and wide imagination that I like to express in colors on paper and canvas. I constantly have new creative ideas ongoing and gets inspired from my everyday life, my family, friends and the nature around me as well as other illustrators and artists.

team_pictureToday I live with my family in Prague, a beautiful city full of history and culture. My family ”Team Nikolovski” is me, my  husband Loren and our little daughter Mila. We love good food, organic food if we get to choose and especially our homegrown tomatoes. We also love books, good movies and to travel. In my blog you can find out more about me, my team and my illustrations.

Inspired by my 1 year old daughter and her friends I am also designing and making children’s clothing. Colorful, funky and functional is my hallmark. In my collection Made with Love you will find hats, scarves, bibs & dresses in fun fabrics for kids up 8-9 years old. If you want to order or have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

If you have a story to tell, a project to be visualized or wants a nice colorful picture for your wall, I can help you. Let me illustrate and put colors to your story, article, poster, presentation, guide etc. Do not hesitate to contact me I am available for freelance work.